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Authentic Japanese cuisine made with fresh ingredients


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Akimoto Sushi Reviews on Grubhub


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The delivery guy arrived about 10-15 minutes earlier than the quoted time. I love the price for what I got. the 3 roll combo. Great selection of rolls for the combo vs other places that put plain cheap rolls as the selection. I didn't like that the Salmon was smoked for the Salmon Avocado and the Philly roll, but overall loved the meal!


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Good sushi/food for the price. The staff was very helpful (I types the incorrect contact number for delivery, but they quickly and kindly helped me resolve the issue).


1 review
Delicious food. Very reasonably priced and a very quick delivery service. Definitely ordering from here again in the future!


Top Reviewer
Lightening-fast delivery, reliable if you find yourself suddenly overcome with hunger! 2 roll lunch special is a good deal.


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Always delivered early or on time, foods always super fresh and yummy. Definitely my go to on Grubhub for sushi.

Reviews from Seamless.com

Akimoto Sushi Reviews on Seamless


1 review
This is the best reasonably priced sushi on Seamless for downtown. It always comes at the proper temperature (i.e., not freezing cold like it has been sitting in a refrigerator all day), and the ingredients are top notch. Iould recommend the summer naruto roll, which is wrapped in cucumber, as well as the yellowtail/jalapeo roll. The gyoza is also good. Food is always delivered promptly. Recently, an item was left out of my order. I searched the bag looking for it and just as I was about to place an irate call to the restaurant, I heard a knock on my door. It was the delivery guy (10 minutes after he delivered my order), and he had brought the order of gyoza before I could even call the restaurant. This may be my favorite delivery place in NYC.


1 review
So fresh. Great service. And such fast service on delivery when not eating in. Terrific lunch special too! I have been ordering from here for over a year and the delivery service has just gotten ridiculous. The new delivery person has simply decided not to deliver to my door and wait outside for me to come fetch my food. When I pay for delivery I expect it to be DELIVERED. In addition they have been forgetting parts of my order. I used to love this place, but they need to step it up. EDIT: They have been a lot better. Akimoto Sushi is always fantastic.


Top Reviewer
WONDERFUL. I got the chicken teriyaki lunch box and it was delish! The rice was still steaming when I opened it, the chicken was perfectly cooked (not dry or overdone). The California roll was fresh and the teriyaki sauce on the chicken teriyaki was really tasty. Will order again!! DEFINITELY ordering from here again! P.s. This was my second time ordering from here - last time I got one of the best shrimp tempura & salmon avocado rolls of my life. Oh...and the spicy mayo is perfect.


1 review
Thank you for the fast delivery Terrific lunch special too! Ordered pickup takeout, the three roll combo (spider tempura, salmon avocado and tuna avocado) with salad. Good sized portions and everything was VERY good. Item was ready when they said it would be. Will definitely order from them again..................................


Top Reviewer
Solid food, quick preparation time, very pleasant interior. Ive been to a lot of mediocre Japanese restaurants in Manhattan, and Im happy to say Akimoto stands apart from the crowd. I picked them because of low prices, but their lunch specials taste super freaking good for the value

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